Orifice flange / orifice plate

Also possible to manufacture only either the orifice flange or the orifice plate

Orifice type Flange tap orifice, corner tap orifice (ring orifice), D.1/2D tap orifice
Fluid to be measured liquid, gas
Bore Wafer connection, flange connection
15A to 100A JIS 5K/10K/16K/20K/30K FF/RF
1/2” to 4” ANSI#150Lb #300Lb
Port for removing the differential pressure flange connection (JIS, ANSI, JPI, etc.), screw connection (Rc, NPT, PF(G)) 15A and above
Differential pressure designed and manufactured with a specified differential pressure
Material of main unit SS400,SUS304,SU316,SUS316L etc.
Material of plate SUS304,SUS316,SUS316L etc.
Material of sealing various O-rings, various type of packing (decide after meeting)
Remark *If you are worried about pressure loss, please contact us.
*Both horizontal piping and vertical piping can be used.
*Drain for drainage can be installed.
*Drain hole and ventilation hole can be installed.
Example of use *Cooling water line by purified water, industrial water, coolant liquid, etc.
*Gas line of air, nitrogen, etc.
*General large bore process line